How to use SABnzbd to download files in Usenet

SABnzbd is in my my humble opinion the very best software program for downloading files in Usenet because of it’s versatility and ease of use; by the time you finish reading this guide you will know how to use SABnzbd to download your files in Usenet.

You can use SABnzbd in windows, Linux and Mac OS so you are going to be covered if you use one of those 3 operating systems.

The first thing you will need to do if you haven’t done so is grab yourself a Usenet account; you can choose one of the free Usenet trials on the Usenet trial list if you like or if you want to skip the free trial I have listed some deals that will save quite a bit on your Usenet account over here on the special Usenet deals page.

Downloading SABnzbd
How to Install SABnzbd
How to setup SABnzbd with the setup wizard
Downloading your first Usenet file in SABnzbd

Downloading SABnzbd

The first thing we need to do is go to the official SABnzbd website to download the software.

Official SABnzbd download page

How to Install SABnzbd

When the SABnzbd setup file has finished downloading you need to install it by double clicking on the install file you have just downloaded.

Please select the language you would like SABnzbd to be installed in.

The SABnzbd licence agreement

Where do you want to install SABnzbd?

I suggest selecting all of the components

SABnzbd Startmenu folder location












































How to setup SABnzbd with the setup wizard

Now that SABnzbd has been installed it is time to set everything up; this part is very easy especially if you follow my guide.

If you look in your Windows Start menu you will find SABnzbd in the location you specified in the installation during the previous step; please open this and you will be presented with the SABnzbd setup wizard.

The beginning of the SABnzbd setup wizard

Enter your Usenet server details into the SABnzbd wizard











In the above server connection settings page you will need to enter your Usenet server account details you got when you signed up with your usenet provider; in this example I am using Newhosting’s service on port 443; port 443 or 563 are the ports you should be using to get maximum speed as they are so secure (SSL) so even your ISP cannot see what you are downloading.
If you do not have a usenet provider you can find one here.
When you have entered your server information you should always test the connection before proceeding to the next step.

Network access settings for SABnzbd






You should make sure you have set your settings up like this for maximum security; so enabling HTTPS is important.

Entering your NZBMatrix information into SABnzbd






This step is optional but if you want to get maximum use out of the Usenet account with SABnzbd I suggest you go to the NZBMatrix site and signup for a VIP membership ($13 lifetime membership) and enter your usename and NZBMatrix API into the appropriate boxes in the setup wizard.
NZBMatrix is a great website for finding the best files in Usenet as well as an amazing community forum.

SABnzbd Wizard is restarting

The SABnzbd Wizard has been completed









Once you click on ‘Go to SABnzbd’ you may be presented with a warning about page security but do not worry about this; it is just informing you that you do not have a proper security certificate on your computer but your connection is still secure so go ahead and click on ‘Proceed anyway’

SABNZBD is not secure warning




When you are finally in SABnzbd you will need to change a couple of final items in the configuration settings.

SABnzbd configuration menu

Choose Folders from the left hand menu

You will need to change or pay attention to the folders highlighted in yellow













You can leave the default folders alone if you like but make sure you have enough space in the hard drives for the temporary download folder and the completed download folder but you should have those 2 set to the same hard drive for speed.
You need to remember what folder you have chosen for the ‘watched folder’ as this is where you will place the .nzb files to start downloading.



Downloading your first Usenet file in SABnzbd

So your SABnzbd program has been installed; the wizard has been completed and you have your folders sorted; it is time to download some files in Usenet 🙂

For legal purposes I will show you how to download the latest Ubuntu Linux distribution from Usenet but you can search for anything you like “wink wink” 🙂

The fastest way is to visit Binsearch’s advanced search and type in what you are looking for, make sure you select ‘only show collections’.


Binsearch's advanced search








Check the file(s) you wish to download; then click on ‘Create nzb’ which you will need to save to the folder you have setup as the ‘nzb watch folder’

In a couple of seconds if you have everything setup correctly SABnzdb will be downloading your file from Usenet.

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