Downloading files using Newshostings Free Usenet browser

Downloading files using the free Usenet browser offered by Newshosting is very simple to use and is very powerful and I show you how to use it.

First of all you will be needing a Usenet account from the company Newshosting; I personally use Newshosting and think they are excellent value for money as well as being fast as hell and always reliable.

Newshosting offers a variety of plans to suit; the plan I am on is the unlimited plan; unlimited speed and unlimited transfer; at the moment the price is $9.99 a month and you can only be locked in at that price by going to this link OR you can try it for free with a 14 day Newshosting Usenet trial.

Step 1 – Logging into your Usenet account.

Once you have recieved your welcome email from Newhosting you can go to and click on the ‘member login’ button.


Newhosting login



Login using your usename and password you set when signing up for Newshosting.



Please enter your username and password that you set when signing up with Newshosting Usenet and click on Login

Step 3 – Inside your Newshosting Usenet control panel.

Once in your usenet control panel you will need to click on the link to download the Newshosting Usenet Browser

Once you are inside your Newshosting Usenet control panel you will need to click on Download The News Hosting Newsgroup Reader

Step 4 – Selecting your operating system.

Select your Operating system and click on download

In the Newshosting Client Download Screen please select your operating system and click on download and the free usenet browser will be downloaded to your system

Step 5 – Logging into the Newshosting Usenet browser.

After you have installed the Usenet Browser please go ahead and open it and input your Newshosting username and password in the login prompt that appears.

Once your Newshosting usenet browser has been installed please open the program and enter your Newshosting Username and password

Step 6 – Usenet connection settings.

Once Newshosting Usenet browser has loaded up you need to go to the settings menu and change the connection settings like so.

Once inside the Newshosting Usenet browser please go to to the settings menu
In the settings page please select connection and change connections to 30 and prefer ssl connections port 443







If you have a Newshosting XL Powerpack in the connections you can change this number to 60 otherwise change the connection number to 30 and make sure you select ‘prefer SSL if available’ with the port of 443 this is to stop sneaky ISP’s slowing your downloads down; if you are having issues downloading try port 563.


Step 7 – Optional Usenet settings.

This part is optional; you can change the download location if you like to download the files to a different place on your computer.
You can change the download directory if you go to the downloads tab but this is optional


Step 8 – Downloading your first Usenet file.

Right; if you have done all the previous steps you are now ready to start downloading your first file in Usenet.

For this tutorial I am going to download the latest Ubuntu Linux Operating system; you can search for and download what ever you want; in the search bar type in what you are searching for and hit enter on your keyboard.
It is now time to start downloading your first file in usenet


Double click on the file(s) you want to download and they will download in the order you started double clicked.

Double click on the usenet files you would like to download


If you click on ‘transfers’ in the navigation menu you see the Usenet files you are currently downloading.

See the time remaining on your usenet download rapidly decrease


Once the files have downloaded they will appear in the chosen download directory on your computer; congratulations.

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