We review Usenet providers so you get the best bang for your buck

Here at The Usenet Authority we seek out the best deals for all your Usenet needs; not just cheap prices but value.

When choosing a new Usenet Provider you have to consider the retention rate; bandwidth limit; whether or not your provider offers encrytpion (SSL) and above all else, are you getting the best deal possible.

We have tried MANY usenet providers and will only list the providers that provide the following.

1. Great retention rate
2. Secure downloading
3. Great usability
4. Awesome bandwidth limits
5. Great customer support

And finally
6. Great value for your money.

When searching for a new Usenet provider it is always nice to try them out with a free trial period so we list Usenet trial accounts and how much you will pay after the trial ends; we also list the price of the same package that you would get if you didnt use the free trial period and often this is quite a big savings, sometimes 40-50% off end of trial prices.